Our new blogsite is @ www.MSSBizSolutions.com

We know you’ve been an avid follower of this site. We are as well.

As a matter of fact, this is a highly-placed website on search engines when you look for a corporate trainer, training consultant, motivational speaker, or team building facilitator in the Philippines.

However, without you knowing, we haven’t updated this site for a long while and that’s because our new blog and corporate website has already been http://www.MSSBizSolutions.com, http://www.MSSBizSolutions.com, or MSSBizSolutions.com.

If you desire to read more learning-filled write-ups about Human Resources, training and development, communication skills, customer, service, etc. from the Corporate EnterTrainer and The Soft Skills Guru of the Philippines, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana, check out our new cyber home.

There, we will update you non-stop about our future blogs, videos, podcasts, and photos and will continue to inform you about a wide array of employee learning and development services from outsourced in-house corporate training, public learning events, webinars, our professional motivational and inspirational speaking events, human resources consulting, leadership and management mentoring, soft skills coaching on communication skills and customer service competencies, team and team culture building, corporate event hosting, and other related services or business solutions.

Now you know. Please visit us at http://www.MSSBizSolutions.com and continue to be educated, equipped, encouraged, engaged, entertained, empowered, exemplified, and escorted to success by one of the better training consultants, training providers, professional speakers, team building facilitators, and corporate event hosts in the Philippines.




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