MSS Business Solutions (formerly Myron Sta. Ana Training and Consultancy Services)


We will never claim we are the best because we are not. Not yet. We will never declare that we are the biggest because we are not but we are on our way.

One thing we are certain about though, as of the moment, is that we produce observable and measurable results that have helped individuals and companies we have worked with justify and maximize their employee learning and development investment.

Going into the second decade of the 21st century, our brand and firm have become one of the most preferred, renowned, and reliable talent development-focused companies in the Philippines.

We are now highly sought after because of our expertise in helping our partners gain a competitive advantage and create exceeding business results by leveraging what we call the Seven Es of Corporate Success: Educating, Equipping, Encouraging, Engaging, Entertaining, Empowering, and Escorting to Success the talents, the employees – our business partners.

We are not just a training program provider or a learning event organizer in the Philippines. We offer an array of holistic talent development solutions that truly and effectively accomplish any or all of the following:

  • Close organizational, departmental, team, individual, and occupational level performance gaps;
  • Introduce sustainable interventions and solutions based on a scientific assessment and analysis of confirmed areas for improvement and talent development needs;
  • Align determined learning and development interventions with the vision, mission, core values, and strategies at all levels;
  • Implement talent development programs that cater to what we call the Six Components of Employee Performance: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Environment, Motivation and Inspiration, and Job-Person Fit

Therefore, you can be assured that we know what we are talking about and doing. The core of our expertise is in Talent Development and this modern-day buzzword is beyond employee training or learning and development.

We acknowledge, appreciate and apply that training is not the sole remedy to the root causes of the company and its human resources’ performance imperfections. It is because of this that we guarantee our clients we deeply understand the requirement and its bases in order to carefully and thoroughly design and develop the most suitable option.



Whatever your business and talent challenges are, we have the right solution for you.

Depending on several factors that must be studied in devising the best intervention, we will work with you in order to ascertain if any of the possible solutions below is the right track for us.

Corporate and Non-Corporate Training


  • On-site Training

Making the most of your own training facilities, we can facilitate training within your premises upon your request. Training on-site ensures that the beneficiaries of our default or customized program feel more comfortable learning right at their own backyard.

  • Off-site Training

You don’t have your own training rooms? That is not a problem. We can go anywhere and anytime you prefer. We can also assist in finding you the most suitable location that qualifies for your location, budget, and convenience needs.


We can conduct any generic or customized training program based on the needs of your organization and talents. Some of the topics that we have unquestionable expertise in are:

Leadership and Management


Customer Service

Strategic PlanningBasic Supervisory SkillsAdvanced Supervisory Skills

Managing vs Leading

Leadership Styles

Coaching and Counseling

Performance Management

Team Diagnosis

Team Building

Team Culture Building

Project Management

Career Management

Effective Teamwork in the Workplace

Effective CommunicationNegotiation SkillsPersuasion Skills


Business Correspondence

Email Grammar

Email Etiquette



American Accent

Accent Reduction or Accent Neutralization

American and Canadian Time Zones, Geography, and Culture

Telephone EtiquetteTelephone SkillsPerfect Customer Service

Positive Phrasing or Scripting

Pacifying an Irate Customer

Service with a Smile

Face-to-Face Customer Service


Train the Trainer Work Excellence and Productivity
Training Needs AnalysisInstructional/Curriculum DesignTraining and Support Materials Development

Implementation (Presentation Skills, Platform Skills, Facilitation Skills, and Crowd Control or Classroom Management)

Training Evaluation or Post-Mortem

Time ManagementStress ManagementProblem Solving and Decision Making

Critical Thinking vs Creative Thinking

Managing Meetings

Personal Productivity

Work-life Balance

 Modesty aside, our company is already fast-rising as a training provider in the Philippines thanks to the brand of corporate training that our founder, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana has established and popularized. He is widely known in the corporate world and on social media as #TheCorporateEnterTrainer because of his specialty in incorporating entertainment to his training and presenting style. You will never find, at least now, another trainer who does stand-up comedy, sings, dances, raps, and acts out on stage and in the classroom. Add to that his amazing ability to genuinely engage his audience/participants with his entertainment. Truly, there is no dull moment when the trainees are with him. They learn a lot while having fun at the same time.

Public Learning Events

If you do not have your internal training department or if you would rather send your employees to a public learning event than organize your in-house program, then we have this other solution for you.

We also organize learning opportunities that offer the same topics as aforementioned. For now, we offer once-a-month events. You can be assured we are going to offer more learning events frequently. For information about our scheduled events for the entire year, please feel free to call us at (02) 959-8492 or email us at


Professional Speaking

With “Myronosophies”, our world-class professional speaking brand, you are guaranteed of genuine EduTainment. The word comes from the combination of our founder, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana’s first name, Myron and the Anglicized Latin word for “wisdom”, Sophia. It’s also a word play for Myron and Philosophies or Myron’s Philosophies.

The brand refers to his life and career philosophies that have motivated and inspired thousands of individuals to pursue their aspirations and live their dreams despite life’s challenges and personal limitations.

Motivational Speaking

Being an experienced and results-oriented employee learning and development practitioner for more or less seven (7) years and getting to train, mentor, and coach hundreds to thousands of past co-workers and trainees, our speaker, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana knows how to motivate different people with different priorities, personalities, and purposes.

With his #EnterTraining approach to encouraging and engaging others and his deep understanding of employing a holistic approach to touching people’s lives (catering to Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude), his audience may expect having the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) to improve their performance, exceed their targets, and contribute more to the company’s goals and objectives of bringing to life its vision, carrying out its mission, and living up to the standards of their core values.

Inspirational Speaking

Inspiring others is his forte and cup of tea. He is not your typical rags-to-success story. He was actually born in a middle-income family of a woodwork-agent father and a clothes-wholesaler mother. However, due to the decline of the sash and woodwork industry in Taytay, Rizal in the late 1990s and the bankruptcy of her mother’s RTW business around the same years, they became poor.

Since his father only graduated from elementary and her mother only reached first year high school, their lack of education kept them from getting back up on their feet and clawing back their previous lifestyle.

In order to help, he made a decision to study hard in college that led to him graduating as Cum Laude. He also kept himself productive with extra-curricular activities such as joining student and youth organizations and winning competitions inside and outside of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa, Manila. This led to him accomplishing the following achievements in student leadership and academic excellence:

  • Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) Nominee A.Y. 2005 – 2006 (
  • National Search for the Ayala Young Leaders Nominee A.Y. 2004 – 2005 (
  • Galing Pilipino Young Leader Awardee A.Y. 2004 – 2005 Galing Pilipino Movement Foundation
  • Outstanding Juan Sumulong Memorial Junior College – Taytay, Rizal Alumnus

His passion for excellence and his quest for a life-changing success for his family did not end here. After working in the corporate world for more or less seven years from 2006 – 2013 saving nothing, his family’s life getting worse in poverty, and his parents getting older not regaining their past convenience, he made a leap of faith and decided to put up his own consultancy company with nothing else but his severance pay and the money he got from selling his one-year old motorcycle.

Two years later, after defying the odds, working harder and smarter, and putting his best foot forward, he is already looked up to as one of the best corporate trainers and training and development consultants in the Philippines and one of the fastest-rising names in motivational and inspirational speaking. These milestones have been validated further by the following prestigious awards conferred to him recently:

  • 2014 Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker of the Year, TOP BRANDS Philippines Awards (Awarded by Quality Brands Philippines and Rob Wilson Productions)
  • 2014 Corporate Training, Leadership and Event Services Consultancy of the Year, TOP BRANDS Philippines Awards (Awarded by Quality Brands Philippines and Rob Wilson Productions)
  • 2015 Medal of Distinction for Achievements in Business Management by the Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence (Awarded by et. al.)

Equipped with this motivational and inspirational life story supported by his one-of-a-kind competency of ‘Edutaining’ and ‘EnterTraining’ his audience, you can be assured that your students or employees will have a blast signing him up as your speaker.


Leadership and Management Mentoring

Inspired by and incorporating the leadership and management principles, methodologies, styles, techniques, and strategies both learned, observed, and experienced by our founder, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana during his own leadership and management journeys in the academe and in the corporate world, our group has been a go-to authority by most companies for its edge in passing over the needed knowledge, skills, and attitude to become effective, successful, and engaging leaders and managers.

We always employ a holistic approach to mentoring both new and experienced leaders so they may acquire not only the information and the know-how to lead and manage their employees to results but also the attitude to be able to motivate and inspire their people and develop future leaders and the most competent and positively-competitive business partners as well.

We believe that the measure of a great leader is not how many followers he has but rather how many quality leaders he is able to replicate on his team during his term.


Communication and Customer Service Skills Coaching

Customer Service and Customer Experience Enhancement Coaching

We unquestionably know, understand, appreciate, and role model excellent customer service and enhancing our customer’s experience. From answering incoming calls to how we do our job and how we provide a memorable experience to our lifetime partners; our clients, we absolutely practice what we preach.

Even our founder and chief consultant was an award-winning Customer Care Representative during his stint as an entry and then second-tier level Billing Call Center Agent for a top Contact Center Company in the Philippines. He was also certified as an S-Leader (Servant, Seer, Shepherd, and Steward) by the Potter’s Leadership Academy, a renowned certification program in the country that focuses on God-centered service.

Our coaching methodologies and principles are customer and customer experience-centered. We believe that customers feel happier, more contented, and highly-satisfied if their expectations are exceeded, their needs are provided thoroughly, their questions are answered intelligently, and their problems and challenges are tackled with permanent solutions and a feel-good product and service experience.

Let us share with you our unparalleled knowledge, skills, and attitude on how to provide outstanding World-class Customer Service and Customer Experience.

Communication Skills Coaching

There are three types of Communication Skills topics. They are Interpersonal Communication, Intrapersonal Communication, and Language Communication. Our company specializes in all three of them.

Our communication skills coaching points and solutions provide our beneficiaries with the correct and efficient approaches in communicating effectively within and without (with other people). As they say, “Together, Everyone Achieves More”.

When different members of an organization are all aligned with the company’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic direction/s and they employ that alignment to collaborate systematically at all levels, achieving business, departmental, individual, and occupational results do not have to be complicated.

We can coach both your management and rank-and-file employees on the following domains and aspects:

Interpersonal Communication

Intrapersonal Communication

Language Communication

Verbal CommunicationNon-Verbal CommunicationEffective Interpersonal Communication

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Positive Scripting

Active Listening




Stress ManagementSelf-Focus and Self-Discipline ManagementConfidence Building

Relaxation Techniques

Self-Concept/Self-Awareness Formation

Self-Values Formation








Voice Quality


Human Resources Advisory/Consultancy

 Take advantage of our expertise in helping your organization achieve its business goals and objectives through our diversified consulting services:

Organization Development Consulting

  • Organizational Climate Diagnosis and Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Transformation
  • Change Management

Talent Development Consulting

  • Career Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Upskilling
  • Talent Retooling

Employee Engagement Consulting

  • Organization-Talent Alignment
  • Talent Relations
  • Talent-Job and Talent-Organization Compatibility
  • Talent Retention Strategy

Small Business Consulting

  • NeGROWsyo Mentoring Program – to know more about our consulting service for helping micro to small business grow into a medium or a large company in one to three years, email us at inquiries.mstcs@outlook.comm or get in touch with us at (02) 959-8492.

Contact Center Consulting

  • Set-up
  • Operation
  • Talent Management (Acquisition and Development)


Team and Team Culture Building

Do you have an observed and verified need to improve your team’s coordination, collaboration, and communication? Does the need correctly call for a team or a team culture building program as an intervention?

We can formulate, assemble, execute, and evaluate a customized program tailor-made for your team’s areas for improvement on teamwork, interpersonal communication, and even job happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.

One thing you have to know about how we do it, which is also how we set ourselves apart from the competition, is we are not only team building program facilitators. We are an advisor, a consultant.

We first assess if a team building program is really the necessary intervention for your observed and confirmed need to improve your team’s coordination, collaboration, and communication before we proceed with your investment. We accomplish this by performing a Relentless Root Cause Analysis by determining the underlying causes and causal factors of the challenges and ascertaining which corresponding solution will really correct, improve, or eliminate them.

If it is confirmed that a set of structured learning activities or exercises is the correct approach, then you can count on us that we can design, develop, and deliver a program that balances wisdom and entertainment.


Corporate Event Hosting

It is a real and critical challenge to look for a corporate event host who knows how to ensure the creative and fun balance among hosting, doing voice-over, sequencing, and entertaining the guests, the audience.

We hold a competitive edge over the others because our founder, Mr. Myron Sta. Ana is not only an event host but a corporate trainer and professional speaker at the same time. This fact alone guarantees that we will live up to our self-imposed standards of educating, equipping, encouraging, engaging, entertaining, empowering, and escorting to success our guests and participants even in the field of event hosting.

We can take quality care of your corporate event be it a product launch, a kick-off party, a Christmas or Halloween, or a sales/marketing event.



Let us show you why and how our firm is one of the most preferred talent development solutions partners in the country.

We brag about utilizing and maximizing the newest and most recent talent development methodology and principle, I.M.P.A.C.T.™

I.M.P.A.C.T.™ was conceptualized and is now being popularized by no other than Mr. Myron Sta. Ana himself. It is a contemporary employee or talent development cycle and process for assessing, formulating, assembling, testing, executing, and evaluating the most suitable and needed solutions to address performance and productivity gaps at all business levels in any organization.

We back up our belief that training is not the only remedy for performance and productivity gaps. It is only one of the possible interventions that practitioners can resort to. Therefore, knowledge of A.D.D.I.E. or S.A.M. is not enough.

talent development


Don’t let your company’s valuable corporate talent or employee development funds go down the drain. Invest in your precious talents’ learning and development through a reliable partner in us.

If you are ready to work with us and enjoy our expertise and the business results we could provide or help you with, contact us with the details below:

Landline: (02) 959-8492

Mobile Numbers:

(Globe) 0917-658-3534

(Sun) 0933-232-6149

(Talk N Txt) 0907-673-7653



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