I have a New Home Online. Check out MyronStaAna.com!

Hi Everyone,


This is to announce that from now, I will stop updating this blog site and will continue blogging on my new website, www.MyronStaAna.com.

This is where you will see my next blog posts, near-future products and programs, next scheduled training programs and speaking engagements, news, and all the other interesting stuff.

I will not deactivate this blog site yet but I’ll be busier with my website.

If you would like to invite me to train on any topic at your organization, speak at your next event, mentor you on leadership, coach you on language; intra and interpersonal communication, be your consultant for learning and development and call center operation, facilitate your company’s team-building activities, and host your next big event; you may send me an email at info@myronstaana.com or mss@myronstaana.com or simply text or call me at Country code +63 and 905-223-6621. This is my mobile phone number.

I encourage and invite you to check my new website now. It’s cool yet very professional.

Till the next blog!

To our success,

Myron Sta. Ana: Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Leadership Mentor, Communication Coach, Online Author, Team-building Activities Facilitator, Boxing Journalist, and Events Host




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