Earn 3K-5K/day by Just Getting Mr. Myron Sta. Ana a Client. Join His Affiliate Marketing Program!

Be an affiliate. Join Mr. Myron Sta. Ana’s Affiliate Marketing Program!


Are you a dedicated house partner who is just looking for an extra income without having to report to anybody from 8am to 5pm or 9am to 6pm and without having to leave his/her household chores and/or children?

Are you an under-employed worker who is looking for a less-taxing part-time or an additional job, which you can draw supporting financial resources from on top of what you are currently getting from your present job?

Are you simply looking for an additional source of money, regardless how satisfied you are with your current compensation, because you are saving for something important or just to add up to your savings account?

Then, we hope that this opportunity/offer catches your attention or sparks your interest.

Myron Sta. Ana is the country’s rising star in motivational speaking, the potential next big name in diversified types of training, one of the country’s authorities in student/youth leadership types of training, the premier specialist in communication/public speaking, and the youngest yet most dynamic and innovative resource person in team building activities facilitation.

He used to be one of the country’s best, most multi-affiliated, highly-awarded and proven youth/student leaders in the early to mid-2000s and is currently one of the more accomplished youth in the corporate world.

For more information about him, please check the About and Awards and Citations sections of this blog-site.

What’s In It For You in his Affiliate Marketing Program (10% for Every Closed Deal)?

Mr. Myron Sta. Ana earns around Php30,000-Php50,000 in each of his closed deals (training, consultancy, speaking engagement, team building activities facilitation, or events hosting) with his clients.  His training and speaking engagements usually only run or last for one to two weeks with the shortest being just A DAY!  Even his speaking engagements and team building activities stints are only done for less than a day to a couple of days.

If you successfully get him a client who is willing or interested to meet up and sit down with him so he can pitch on his services, discuss his proposal or better yet, conduct his initial “Training Needs Analysis” and that client finally and officiallly chooses him to conduct its training/speaking requirement or team building activities request for the company, then you are already guaranteed of a 10% share with no deductions at all.

10% of Php30,000 or Php50,000 is a whopping Php3,000 or Php5,000, which means that you already get that amount sent over to your bank account and yet, all you needed to do was refer him to any company and get that potential client partner to accommodate him in a short yet thorough meeting or proposal discussion.  He will take care of doing the sales talk, sealing the deal himself, and all that and you do not have to be involved in that hassle, which (for your added information) is the toughest part of any negotiation.

So, find him a client now and convince that client to consider him and invite him for a meeting or proposal discussion.  If successful, as this agreement states, you already get 10% of his gross income (yes, gross and not net) deposited/paid to your account number.  It’s as easy as that and on your end, while waiting for the money to be received, you can just sit back and relax and he will take care of the rest of the job.

Once you get him a client, just contact him at 0942-846-9766 or (02) 368-3214 or you may also email him at Myronosophies@hotmail.com or myron.s.sta.ana@hotmail.com

Grab that phone now and be in contact with our target clients and tip him off right away.


Tell Myron What You Think :)

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