The New Approach to Making Resumes That Really Land One a Job

This New Year, a lot of employees are leaving their companies for one reason or another although whatever that reason would be is not the focus of this article.  So, it is but a perfect timing to talk about our subject for today.

This new article aims to correct two of the most old-fashioned beliefs regarding creating effective resumes that really make heads turn.  This also intends to present a couple of very practical guidelines on what should and should not be on the resume to make sure it gets the attention of the one who screens papers and invites aspirants for an interview.

One day, I came across an article on one of the leading job portals on the internet right now.  It talked about that website’s guide to writing a resume appropriately.  Although I found the content of the write-up very helpful for some, there were two points that I personally do not agree on.  These are exactly the same things we are going to correct here and give related guidelines on.

Old-Fashioned: It mentioned there that it only takes an HR manager a couple of seconds to determine if an applicant’s credentials fit in the job requirements or not.

Correction:  While this may be partly true before, this is not the similar case nowadays anymore.  For one thing, it is not the HR manager or Recruitment manager who screens papers anymore.  She does not and should not do that especially when she has associates or specialists on her team.  She should be more preoccupied with supervising her people and their tasks and overseeing the daily routines and activities of her department instead of spending time going thru hundreds of applications for the manpower requirement of the operations side of the business.  Unless the company is small and the recruiter is the HR manager herself, meaning she is a one-man/woman team or she does everything because the small-time company could not afford to hire new staff members for HR, then this may be true.  But the thing for most cases is, no matter how small the company is, the HR manager usually has staff members that she can just delegate this task to.  Instead, she is just left to go over the applications for the key positions in the company and not for the rank-and-file ones.  As a matter of fact, it is not the HR manager who is assigned to go over the curriculum vitae for leadership or critical positions anymore.  This task is rather assigned to the firm’s corporate recruiters or in some cases outsourced to headhunters who specialize in executive searches.

Secondly, to say that the recruiter only has two seconds to determine if an application should be scrapped or not is like generalizing that most recruiters nowadays are not really doing their jobs thoroughly or are slackers.  The truth is, there are some recruiters out there who really take time in reviewing the resumes of their applicants to make sure they cover their experiences and qualifications in detail.  Also, there are some who take pleasure in this because more often than not, it interests them to know about different people and their backgrounds.

Related guideline:  Therefore, my recommendation is just go ahead and indicate on your resume facts that would really impress your recruiter.  Just make sure you do not waste paper and ink including those that are not really relevant with the job and the position you are applying for.  For example, do not specify skills that you know are not necessary for the nature of the job you are trying to get.  Also, do not enumerate seminars you have attended or certifications that you have acquired about photography when the position you are applying for is a restaurant chef.  In the same vein, never include work experiences for being a writer when the new opportunity you are trying to win is for a trainer position.  Do you get what I mean?

More often than not, the more impressive your resume is; the greater the chance that you will be shortlisted or better yet, hired right off the bat.  And, to make your resume impressive, you might have to highlight everything that you could that would really make your recruiter go, Wow!  Does it make sense now?

Old-Fashioned:  It also said there that four-to-five page essays literally scare the hell out of recruiters.

Correction:  Really now?  How come such would scare and overwhelm them when how the number of pages of the resume could be indicative of how extensive a candidate’s experience is, how many awards related to the position he got are, how many certifications related to the job he acquired, and how many relevant skills he possesses?  You see, the number of pages a resume has is not what is wrong.  What is not faulty and unacceptable is when one indicates unnecessary pieces of information that the company will not really benefit from or when there is really nothing in it for the recruiter despite having four to five pages.

Additionally, the writer stated there that HR managers or recruiters are usually busy people who have very little time going thru each application.  I beg to differ.  We cannot say that because like what I said, be it the HR manager or the Recruitment Associate or Specialist, that is what their daily responsibilities revolve on.  The one-page or two-page rule of thumb is already a rule of dumb at present times.  It just does not work that way anymore especially when you are applying for leadership positions that require highly-accomplished people with equally impressive papers.

Related guideline:  Ergo, if your experiences; awards; certifications; skills; seminars and other pertinent information are really relevant and useful to the position that you are applying for and the company that is considering your application, just go ahead and place them there.  Once again, majority of the recruiters right now are pleased with being able to be inspired by impressive resumes.  In other words and I will reiterate this, it will not harm your application if you exceed two pages for as long as what you put in there are relevant and catchy.

So, know these things, go ahead and revise your resumes now and make sure to impress and grab attention.  You will just be surprised that different companies would start calling you until such a point you do not know who among them to prioritize anymore.  Trust me.  This has happened to me and it will happen to you too.


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