Last December 6-7, 2012; Myron Sta. Ana (the country’s Next Big Thing and budding Superstar in diversified training and consultancy services) went to the Multipurpose Room of the Rizal Provincial Capitol in Antipolo City, Rizal to train around 200 LGU (Local Government Unit) chairpersons/information officers/councilors/secretaries on Business Correspondence Writing.

There, he discussed its basics together with the following interesting discussions with them:

  1. Definition of a Business Letter
  2. Examples of a Business Letter
  3. Parts of a Business Letter and their Formatting
  4. Business Letter Formats or Styles
  5. Composing a High-Quality Content (Elements, Tone, and Components of the Body)
  6. Definition of a Business Memo
  7. Differences between a Business Memo and a Business Letter
  8. Parts of a Business Memo
  9. Definition of Minutes of the Meeting (MOM)
  10. Importance of Taking Minutes
  11. Parts and Elements of the Minutes
  12. Differences in Parts between a Business Letter and a Business Email
  13. Email Etiquette Tips and General Guidelines
  14. Coming up with a Grammatical Business Correspondence
  15. Basic Punctuation Rules
  16. “Filipinoisms” and Common Misspells

Aside from talking about the varied topics aforementioned, he had also conducted a good number of in-between icebreakers and topic-related activities that surely made the trainees learn while having real fun at the same time.

After the two-day affair, both the participants and the organizers were very thankful, happy and contented that they got him to train them on the subject matter.  They affirmed they have learned a lot of things that not only enhanced what they already know but also added new pieces of information that will definitely make them more equipped and effective when writing business communications in their respective offices.

The event was organized by RIOL or the Rizal Information Officers’ League in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Rizal and the Department of Interior and Local Government – Rizal (DILG).


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