Myronosophy #8

Everyone shares the same 24 hours a day. But why is it that not a lot of people end up successful? The answer is simple. It’s because not everyone makes the most of every second that he has to make sure he’s productive, contributing, and earning.

Roncepts behind Myronosophy #8:

Ask yourself these questions.

1. “What do I do everyday to make sure I’m productive, contributing, and earning?”
2. “What time do I wake up?”
3. “What time do I sleep?”
3. “What time do I go back home from work or from watching over the business?”
4. “How will other people who work with me and interact with me evaluate my productivity, accomplishments, and worth? Am I going to be assessed as needs improvement, good, average, or excellent?”

Your personal answers to these questions will help you ascertain where you are at now, what else you could make yourself busy with, who you are, how much more you could still offer in the future, and who you are going to end up as in terms of financial and non-financial successes.

People ask me this often. Do we only have to sleep for like 2-3 hours to be productive and to find our success in this world? And I tell them, not necessarily. Remember. It’s not the number of hours you only sleep for but it’s what you do in the hours that you are awake at that defines your future.

Also, it’s just wrong to prescribe that to achieve more, you must be awake for 20 hours a day or even more. It’s not the solution to your problem and it won’t ever be. Health is also important as doctors say. You might be productive and earning. But if you always get sick more than you keep yourself working, you still won’t be able to complete a lot of things. To add to this, spending quality time with your family is necessary and important. Furthermore, being able to find moments you can enjoy with friends actually helps you reinvigorate yourself and refuel your drive to carry on. Not having any friends at all makes you lonely. No matter how much money you are relishing now, if you don’t have any friends, you’re not going to die smiling in your coffin. Believe me.

So, what is the formula to be successful? Actually, there isn’t any strict one as each one of us has our own working and learning styles and even preferences in life. You just basically have to make sure that each second you have is spent wisely by always looking for something to do that will bring money in and that will give you the opportunity to learn some more even when you’re not working anymore or running your business by the end of the day. If you wish to be rich, then ensure that money comes in more than it goes out. See to it that on top of what you’re already earning as an employee or out of your business endeavor, you have a back-up that augments whatever income you’re already getting.

If you would like to go up the corporate ladder, on the other hand, innovate; contribute more to enhance the company’s profitability and its achievement of its goals and objectives; and make your presence felt. If you keep on going thru the same routine over and over again without reinventing yourself and introducing something new, you’re just going to get stuck on whatever level you are now–rank and file. Improve processes, educate and assist colleagues, solve problems, address concerns, overcome challenges, and usher in more revenues. These things, when done, may not guarantee an immediate promotion but will surely lead you to making your presence felt and being known. Being able to position yourself where you will definitely be noticed by decision-makers and all those others concerned with people development and growth, will give you the opportunity to showcase yourself more. And since they know you’re performing and they can see whatever you put on the table clearly, just be patient and with exceeding efforts, you’ll get the position you’ve been aiming for.

If you already have a business or planning to have one someday, always differentiate yourself from your competition without having to rely much heavily on jacking up your prices or making your clients suffer. When an idea comes to your head, try it out first before you question it. If it’s the other way around, you get boxed in ANALYSIS PARALYSIS and before you could even execute it, somebody else already did. Furthermore, above everything else, value your customers. They are the primary reason why you’re running a business if and only if revenues only come secondary. Treat them inappropriately and believe me, gone are your investments. Perfect your customer service and everything else follows, even more money.

Last but not least, whether you’re in business or the corporate world, always respect and preserve working relationships. As they say, “Do not burn bridges”. People look up to those who are effective in what their function is but don’t forget to treat their subordinates well. Maintain and widen contacts. These contacts will help you now and in the future whatever request or favor you have. Trust me. Bear in mind that nothing is sweeter than being successful and having a lot of friends you can bank on at the same time.

Now, ask yourself again. Are you already doing these things? If not, think again. Perhaps, and yes perhaps, not taking these aspects into account is one of the reasons you’re not moving up or you’re not getting at your destination. Good day!

–Myron Sta. Ana: Chief Training Expert of Myronosophies (Making YOU Equipped) 🙂