Myron Sta. Ana Joins the List of Writers for, the Philippines Premier Boxing Website

Myron Sta. Ana, the Next Big Thing in Organizational Development; Corporate Efficiency; Call Center (Customer Service and Communications); Leadership; Volunteerism; Personal Excellence; and Volunteerism, adds one more crowning glory in his ever-shining credentials as he joins PHILBOXING.COM, the Philippines premier Philippine boxing portal  as one of its contributors., who is owned and maintained by Mr. Dong Secuya (a known boxing personality) has a thrust which is to promote Philippine boxing in general and feature news, updates, and media about Filipino boxers who are representing the country locally and abroad.

For those who don’t know, he is a certified boxing enthusiast who, the first time he watched a professional fight back in 2005, has become passionate about the sport and started researching about it especially the Filipino boxers who are campaigning in the country and internationally and started following them and their fights one by one .  Matter of fact, he got so addicted to the sport that he enrolled himself in amateur trainings at the Red Corner Boxing Gym in Ortigas, Pasig City and the Elorde Boxing Gym branch on Katipunan respectively and experienced how it feels to undergo rigorous trainings to become a professional boxer.  Although he is not going to the gym anymore, the good number of months that he had trained in those gyms not only made him understand and appreciate the life of a boxer and the physical and mental sacrifices they have to endure in preparation for a fight but has let him know more about the sport that is also called “The Sweet Science”.

Now; with him joining the highly-reputable Philippine boxing website and taking the lead in his own brainchild project, Mandirigmang Pinoy; he cements his reputation as a legitimate Philippine boxing enthusiast, supporter and advocate.

To check his articles on, please click on the links below:

April 10, 2012: Top Filipino Boxers Who Might Become Major World Title Champions This Year Part I

April 12, 2012: Top Filipino Boxers Who Might Become Major World Title Champions This Year Part II

April 13, 2012: Australian-based Filipino, Roberto “Hands of Stone” Lerio fights for the vacant Australian Bantamweight belt in Queensland

Also, please continue visiting the website to be able to follow the future articles he will contribute.


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