Myron Sta. Ana is Back with Taking IT Global International!

Do you know that Myron Sta. Ana, the newest and budding dynamic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Corporate, Communication, Organizational, Youth Leadership and Volunteerism, Personal Branding and Excellence, and Motivational trainer, consultant, and strategist in the Philippines right now, used to be a very active online contributor and volunteer of both Taking IT Global Philippines and Taking IT Global International?

Now, after 6 years of inactivity, he will continue with his active involvement in TIG’s online and field activities that already started with him submitting a comprehensive article about Youth and Climate Change: Where are We? entitled, “Doing Little Things to Change the Society Works Wonders” on its online publication, PANORAMA ZINE and his insights on the Members’ Stories section of TIG Magazine.

Now, he encourages his supporters and followers (yes, that’s YOU!) to join TIG online and be active members of volunteerism on cyberspace.  Just visit and explore!


Tell Myron What You Think :)

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