Who is Myron Sta. Ana?

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Myron Sta. Ana currently works as a concurrent Senior Corporate Trainer and Operations and Employee Relations Business Partner for the HR Learning and Development and Strategic Business Unit teams of Hinduja Global Solutions, otherwise known as HGS, on the 6th floor of the E-Commerce Plaza Building in Eastwood City Cyberpark in Quezon City. HGS, which is owned by one of the richest families in India (The Hinduja Family), is the world leader in Customer Relationship and Business Process Management and has operations in 9 different countries employing over 20,000 people.

As a corporate trainer for the company, he has provided assistance for the Recruitment department by coaching and setting expectations with both the walk-in and invited applicants to increase the likelihood of them passing the selection process.  He has also co-designed the company’s internal Near-hire Training, which is aimed at giving a second chance to those who didn’t pass the entire application process by rectifying and refining their voice quality, accent and delivery, grammar, and pronunciation. With this, when they go through the application anew, their chances at landing a job in the company are increased.  Furthermore, he has created most of its documentations and established/streamlined majority of the accompanying processes and procedures.  He, additionally, was instrumental for the enhancement of the organization’s New Employee Orientation in terms of its work flow and presentation to the new hires. Finally, he’s the mind and the hands behind the design and development of most of the training modules that are being run in the company, some of which are Business Correspondence, Email Etiquette, Creative Thinking, Effective Teamwork in the Workplace, and Training Plan just to mention a few.

Prior to working for the company, which he has been serving for over four years now, he had also worked as a Communication Skills Trainer specializing in Near-hire Training for Communication and Customer Service Skills for StaffRight Solutions, an HR consultancy, recruiting, and training firm based in Makati City and just recently, Cebu. Here, he was helping out in scouting prospective endorsees to partner call center clients by observing the recruitment personnel’s interviews and helping them assess the candidates’ coachability in terms of Customer Service and English Communication skills.  He was also facilitating Communication Skills Training for the organization on Neutral Accent, Communication Skills, and American Culture; Geography; and Time Zones.

And to top it off, he had also been affiliated with Convergys Philippines Services Corporation where he was exposed in the call center environment that presently, has been helping him with his job and training services for HGS.


The highlights of his personal credentials transpired when he was still a college student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Sta. Mesa, Manila.

As a student, he was able to multitask between being an academically-excellent student and a superbly-active student leader inside and outside of his school.  He was still able to graduate as a Cum Laude (with an average grade of 1.53) even if he was very active in both extra-curricular activities and student leadership and organizations involvement.  Also, he was a very consistent outstanding student achiever, top scholar, and dean’s/president’s lister from his 1st year until his senior year while not being able to neglect his responsibilities as a leader and a member of the organizations he was affiliated with.

Apart from a number of his connections both on university, national, and international levels; he had also coordinated, organized, chaired, and convened various projects, workshops, and programs inside and outside the university tackling diferent issues, topics and interests.  Also, he was frequently being invited to facilitate and moderate plenty of fora, trainings and workshops.  He was, furthermore, made famous by constantly being delegated by and representing his school in varied summits, workshop series, congresses, conferences, leaders’ camps, seminars, movements, and conventions about societal concerns, academic excellence, youth leadership; volunteerism and involvement, and education.  Lastly, there was also a good number of fora, seminars, and sessions in which he was invited to take part in as a speaker, discussant, or reactor.

In addition to his academic excellence and student leadership, he was also considered as a jack of all trades with his wide array of talents in the following:

  • Public Speaking (oratory, debate, poetry, declamation, resource speakership, lecture, demonstration, and extemporaneous/impromptu speaking)
  • Writing (essays, news, features, opinions, literature, and technical writing)
  • Dancing/Choreography (modern, tribal, techno dynamic, jazz, and ballroom)

Now, after over six years of working in the Corporate world, he has decided to come back out to not only serve the society again but to share the knowledge, values, and expertise that he learned and mastered in the fields of Corporate, Communications, and Professional Excellence training.  The world will have a chance, once again, to hear it from the early mid-2000’s premier youth leader and academic excellence guru and learn the following from him:

Corporate Training:

For Supervisors/Managers/Leads/Heads:
Supervisor Essentials
Power Coaching
Power Life Coaching (Counseling)
Dynamics of Team Management (Team Diagnosis and Building Skills)

For Trainers/Coaches/Teachers/Professors:

Train the Trainer or Teach the Teacher
Generic Needs Assessment and Training Needs Analysis
Instructional/Curriculum Design
Support Material Development (Facilitator’s Guide/Lesson Plan/Training Plan/Aesthetics of Powerpoint Presentation/Media of Instruction/Outlines or Agendas/Development of Objectives in Reference to Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains, etc.)
Presentation, Facilitation, and Platform Skills
Donald Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation (Response/Reaction-Learning-Transfer of Learning/Change in Behavior-Impact/Business Results-Return on Investment)

Enabling Skills in the Work Environment:

Communication for Results
Effective Teamwork in the Workplace
Intricacies of Business Correspondence
Email Etiquette
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Time Management
Contrasting Management and Leadership
Leadership Styles
Learning and Communication Styles

Call Center Training

Customer Service for both Call Center Representatives and Service Providers and Customer Service Associates in Non-Call Center Industries
Communication Skills (Voice Quality, American Accent and Culture, Paralanguage, Grammar, Pronunciation for both Written and Spoken English)
Near-hire Training (for Potential Call Center Agents)


Organizational Development
Knowledge Management
Change Management
The Different Kinds of Leadership
Structured Learning Exercises/Team Building Activities


Academic Excellence

If you would like to invite him to speak for your organization and/or school during the weekend, feel free to contact him at 0927-351-9391 / 368-3214 or email him at Myronosophies@hotmail.com / myron.s.sta.ana@hotmail.com


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